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RIIAA5 Virtual consists of two distinct events

Conference from Sep 28 to 29 in Hopin

Summer School from Sep 30 to Oct 1 in Zoom

The conference consists of selected live streams from our in-person events in Mexico City and Quito, as well as events held in Hopin such as Community Circles (CIRCOS), Expo, and Networking.

Our popular summer school offers hands-on workshops organized in different tracks offered by experts in various AI topics.

Sep 28


On the first day, we will have live streams from all the keynotes in our in-person RIIAA Quito event, as well as events hosted directly in Hopin, such as the community circles (CIRCOS), expo booths, and networking for our audience in the platform!


Community Circles, also known as CirCos, are self-organized, informal, interactive discussion sessions inspired by Birds of Feather (BoF). CirCos provides a space for interested attendees to meet in small groups to exchange ideas and form allies on issues of common interest. These topics may be directly or indirectly related to the topics covered during the RIIAA conference.



Networking opportunities, where you can spark connections with other members of the community that are also attending online!


Expo Booths

Where you can have the opportunity to learn more about the programs and opportunities offered by our sponsors.


Sep 29

On the second day, we will have live streams from al the keynotes and selected panels in our in-person RIIAA Mexico City event, as well as events hosted directly in Hopin, such as community circles (CIRCOS), posters, expo booths, and networking for our audience in the platform!

Sep 30


On the third day, we will start our popular Summer School. Please, see the offered tracks and workshops below.


The Summer School will be held both in-person at at the Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública del Tecnológico de Monterrey and virtually (in Zoom) from 9am to 7pm CDT. 


 The Summer School will only be held virtually (in zoom) this day from 9am to 1pm CDT.

 Oct 1

AI in Material Sciences

AI & Finance

  • Sep 30, 9am - León Palafox - Algortihia & Grupo Salinas

  • Oct 1, 9am - Ekaterina Svetlova - University of Twente

AI & Education

  • Sep 30, 11am - Antonio J. Segura - Orenes Group

  • Oct 1, 9am - Saiph Savage - Northeastern University, Carla Griggio - Aarhus University , Marisol Wong-Villacres - ESPOL.

AI Fundamentals

  • Sep 30, 9am - Benjamín Sánchez-Lengeling - Google

  • Sep 30 11am - Natalia Fedorova - Toloka

  • Sep 30,  6pm - Andrés Campero - State of the Art & MIT

  • Oct 1, 9am - Omar Sanseviero - Hugging Face

  • Oct 1, 11am - Antonio Del Río-Chanona - Imperial College

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